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Construction Manager

A construction manager has many different tasks and responsibilities. As a construction manager, you will be in a supervisory role, overseeing various elements of the construction process. While overseeing these projects, construction managers have to develop plans, set the budget for each aspect, set deadlines, monitor progress, and so much more. Because of the high demand for construction managers and what the job entails, the average salary for this position is very high, with the median salary being around $95,000 in the United States.

Elevator Mechanic 

Another very high-paying trade job in the United States is an elevator mechanic, bringing in an average annual salary of $85,000. Elevator mechanics’ duties include installing, repairing, and servicing elevators. This is a perfect job for anyone who isn’t claustrophobic!


A very common trade job that is always looking for new skilled workers is electricians. In addition to being in high demand across every state,  electricians also bring home a hefty annual salary, around $57,000. The main duties of electricians include but are not limited to repairing and installing electrical components for businesses and homeowners.

HVAC Technician 

Similar to electricians, heating, venting, and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians are in high demand throughout the United States. HVAC technicians go to businesses and homes to repair, monitor, and install heating and cooling systems. The median annual wage for HVAC technicians is around $50,000.

Home Inspector 

Home inspectors are in charge of ensuring that different structures such as homes and buildings are up to local code standards. Home inspectors are trained on inspecting many different aspects of structures including plumbing, electrical systems, HVAC and so much more. In the United States, the average pay for home inspectors is $60,000 a year.

Landscape Architect 

A landscape architect is a perfect position for creative individuals who enjoy being outside, not to mention it pays very well with an average salary of $69,000. These architects are responsible for designing and implementing those designs to business and private landscapes.

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