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It comes to a point in someone’s life where they need to make a decision about what they want to pursue after high school. This can be a difficult decision for a young person if they don’t know all their available options. Many believe that one of the only options for success after high school is going to a four-year college. However, traditional four-year colleges aren’t always for everyone. An excellent option that is often looked over is going to a vocational school. Keep reading to find out the difference between vocational and traditional four-year colleges.

Vocational School vs. Colleges 

Four-Year Colleges

Traditional four-year colleges are a typical route many recent high school graduates pursue. Almost all white-collar jobs nowadays require a bachelor’s degree. People who have a college degree tend to make much more money over their lifetime than people who don’t have any degree. However, depending on how the economy is performing can affect the job market for white-collar jobs, sometimes making it extremely difficult to find a job. A big downfall of four-year colleges is the large amounts of student debt that comes along with the education. 


  • Broad Education 
  • Earn more money 
  • Larger student debt typically

Trade School:

On the other hand, trade schools offer a more affordable education. Most trade schools also offer a more streamlined education because students are taught the needed skills for their careers after school. Four-year colleges require around two years’ worth of general education classes that typically have nothing to do with their major. This inevitably means that trade schools have a lower cost of attendance. Jobs in the trades are also in very high demand, making it reasonably easy to find a well-paying job you like. 


  • Learn Valuable Skills 
  • Quicker education (typically two years)
  • Lower Tuition 
  • Jobs in high demand 
  • Good salaries

Find a Trade Job

There is no right or wrong answer for what track you should go on after high school, whether that be trade schools or college. Both options have many benefits, and it really depends on what you are interested in and what you want to do for your career. However, if you are enrolled in a trade school or looking for a lifelong career in the trades, create a profile with Trade Jobs USA to search through different open trade jobs! Start your dream career today!

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