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Trade jobs across the states are actively looking for skilled workers to hire but are having trouble filling the open positions. As baby boomers are quickly retiring, more and more high-paying trade jobs are becoming available. Starting a career in the trades is an excellent route to choose after high school. A career in the trades gives workers lifelong practical skills, is high paying, and does not require a lot of schooling. There is no 4-year college degree required to work in the trades which means less student loans. Here are a few of the trade jobs that are in very high demand in the US today! 

Trade Jobs in Demand:

  • Licenced Practical Nurse LPN 
    • Average Salary: $50,000 ($24.08 per hour)
    • Duties: If you are interested in the healthcare industry, becoming an LPN is an excellent route to go in. LPN’s work within a healthcare setting whether that be a hospital or clinic. The main duties of an LPN entail assisting doctors and helping patients.
  • HVAC Technician: 
    • Average Salary: $50,000 ($24.57 per hour)
    • Duties: HVAC technicians are responsible for the installation and maintenance of both heating and cooling systems within homes and businesses.
  • Home Inspector 
    • Average Salary: $46,720
    • Duties: Home Inspectors search and review homes to ensure that they are up to code. Home inspectors often work closely with banks, construction companies, or real estate companies. As a home inspector, you will test certain aspects of a house to see if it is up to regulations, interview homeowners, and record the results of inspections.
  • Plumber 
    • Average Salary: $58,659
    • Duties: Plumbers install and maintain plumbing systems for both homes and businesses. Repairs and installations include but are not limited to sinks, toilets, washing machines, and dishwashers. Plumbers also provide inspections and regular checkups for each of these systems and appliances.
  • Electrician 
    • Salary: $59,190
    • Duties: Electricians’ main duties include wiring and fixing different electrical systems for residential and commercial areas. 
  • Construction Manager 
    • Salary: $95,260
    • Duties: For individuals who want to take on a leadership role, this is an excellent position for you! Construction managers oversee construction employees and construction projects. You are also responsible for making sure that safety regulations are met by employees and are often in charge of establishing the budget for each project being overseen.

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