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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies around the country have been experiencing a shortage of labor. If your company is affected by this labor shortage and can’t seem to find qualified workers to fill your open jobs, here are a few ways to find and attract potential workers:

Increase Wages 

Obviously, the best way to attract individuals to fill your open positions is to increase your wages. This is also an excellent way to keep the workers you already have and decrease the turnover rate.

Growth Opportunities

One thing that oftentimes deters people from pursuing a job is if there are few growth opportunities within the company. This is also another aspect of a company that could lead to high turnover because it can make employees feel as though they are in a dead-end job. Companies that offer different growth opportunities like training, promotions, regular raises will be much more tempting to job seekers than a position that doesn’t provide any evident growth.

Work Environment 

With the younger generations joining the workforce, more and more companies are adapting to their wants and needs around work environments and work/life balance. Many workers want more flexibility with their jobs and will leave their jobs to migrate to companies that offer better work/life balance. If you are struggling to find workers throughout this labor shortage, you may want to reevaluate and start offering more flexible hours, remote work, etc. 


Having good benefits is a great way to entice potential candidates to apply and work for your company. Benefits can include anything from PTO days, bonuses, health care, and more. Each of these benefits incentivizes individuals to work for you over other companies that may not have as good benefits. 

Use Trade Jobs USA 

Another great way to find and connect with potential hardworking employees is to start posting your open jobs on Trade Jobs USA. What is Trade Jobs USA? It is a job board website that is designed specifically for companies in the trade industry. Companies looking to hire new employees can choose from one of our posting packages and then create a profile. After this, you can start writing a description of your open job and the qualifications you are looking for. Potential employees can apply directly on Trade Jobs USA by submitting their resumes to you. Learn more today about how Trade Jobs USA can find your next best employee. 

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